Payal Gaming Real Name, Age, Height and Net Worth 2023

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Payal Gaming Real Name (Payal Dhare)

Payal Gaming Real Name is Payal Dhare. 23 Year Old Payal Dhare ( Payal Gaming ) is Popular Youtuber, Content Creation and Gamer. Payal Gaming, a talented and passionate gamer who has carved a niche for herself in the competitive gaming world.

In this Article, We Share Payal Gaming Real Name, Bio, Career, Age, Height and Net Worth 2023.

Payal Gaming Real Name Payal Dhare
Born Date18 September 2000
Birth PlaceBhilai, Chhattisgarh, India
Payal Gaming Height5Ft 6 Inch ( 167 cm )
CareerYoutube, Loco, Content Creation and Gaming
HobbiesOnline Gaming and Content Creation
Team PlayerS8ul
Payal Gaming Real Name, Age, Height and Hobbies

Early Life and Background or Biography of Payal Gaming

Payal Gaming Height, Payal Gaming Net Worth

Payal Dhare, Who is also known as Payal Gaming is Born in 18 September, 2000 in Bhilai District of Chhattisgarh, India. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in Youtube and Online Gaming. Her early exposure to Streaming and gaming laid the foundation for her future career in the Youtube and gaming industry Both.

Payal Sharma is known for her down-to-earth and relatable personality. She values her privacy but occasionally shares glimpses of her personal life with her fans through social media. Her authenticity and approachability have earned her the love and respect of Creator worldwide.

Payal Completed is Graduation from Chhattisgarh, India. Now Payal Settled in Mumbai and Part of S8ul Organization.


As Payal grew older, her gaming and Streaming skills began to shine. In 2019, Payal Started is Youtube Journey Full Time. In Starting Payal Stream Gameplay of PUBG, Among Us, GTA 5 etc and Now is Regularly Stream Gameplay of BGMI.

Despite the obstacles, Payal Gaming persevered and soon made a name for herself in the online Youtube and gaming community. Her unparalleled gameplay, strategic prowess, and engaging personality set her apart from the rest.

In 2022, Indian Gaming Awards Payal Won Fan Favorite Streamer of the Year Award.

Her Youtube Channel Payal Gaming with more than 3 Million Subscriber and Payal Short Channel with more than 500K Subscriber is very Popular in Young Gamers for his different Gameplay. Payal also have more than 2 Million Follower in Instagram.

She is Content Creator of S8UL Organization.

Payal Gaming Net Worth and Monthly Earning

As a successful professional Content Creator and Youtuber, Payal Gaming earns a substantial monthly income through various streams. His income primarily comes from Youtube Money, sponsorships, endorsements, Team Fees, content creation and Loco Streaming. While the exact figure of his monthly income is not publicly disclosed, But Approximately more than 3 lakh Indian Rupees Payal Gaming Earn Per month.

Payal Gaming’s net worth is a reflection of his achievements and the success he has attained throughout his gaming career. With Youtube Money, Sponsorship, and brand partnerships, his net worth continues to grow steadily. While the exact value of his net worth may vary, but in 2023, Payal Gaming Net Worth is Approximately $200K Dollars, Which is around 1.5 Crore in Indian Rupees.

Payal Gaming Net Worth$200K Dollars ( around 1.5 Crore in Indian Rupees )
Income Source of Payal Gaming Youtube Money, sponsorships, endorsements, Team Fees, content creation and Loco Streaming.
Monthly Income and SalaryMore than 3 lakh Indian Rupees
Yearly IncomeMore than 30 lakh Indian Rupees
Youtube Subscriber Payal Gaming ChannelMore than 3 Million Subscriber
Youtube Subscriber Payal Gaming Shorts ChannelMore than 500K Subscriber
Instagram Follower of Payal GamingMore than 2 Million Follower
Payal Gaming Net Worth, Monthly Income, Salary and Subscriber


In conclusion, Payal Gaming, also known as Payal Dhare, has risen from a passionate Content Creator, Streamer, Youtuber and Gamer to a renowned figure in the Youtube world. Her journey showcases the transformative power of dedication, talent, and authenticity. Payal’s positive impact on the Youtube and gaming community and her advocacy for physical and mental well-being make her a true role model for aspiring Content Creator and gamers worldwide.

FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Question )

What is Payal Gaming Real Name?

Payal Gaming Real Name is Payal Dhare.

What is the Age of Payal Gaming?

Payal is 23 Year Old Born in 18 September 2000.

Where is Payal Gaming Birth Place?

Payal Gaming birth Place is Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India.

What is Payal Gaming Height in Feet?

Payal Gaming Height is 5 Feet 6 Inch ( 167 cm ).

What is Payal Gaming Net Worth?

Payal Gaming Net Worth is $200K Dollars, which is around 1.5 Crore in Indian Rupees.

What is Payal Gaming BGMI ID?

Payal Gaming BGMI ID is 5120321397.

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