KRAFTON Announced for a $150 Million Investment to boost India’s Gaming Industry

Ravi Varma
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Renowned South Korean gaming giant, KRAFTON, Inc., recognized for crafting hit games such as BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA), has revealed its ambitious plan to inject a significant sum of $150 million into India within the upcoming two to three years. The company’s dedicated objective revolves around nurturing both India’s gaming industry and startup ecosystem, underlining KRAFTON’s steadfast commitment to facilitating comprehensive development throughout the nation.

KRAFTON CEO Sean Hyunil Sohn Thoughts on Investment

KRAFTON’s CEO in India, Sean Hyunil Sohn, shared his enthusiasm for making a meaningful contribution to India’s startup ecosystem and the wider content landscape. He highlighted India’s immense potential as a key player on the global stage in both the gaming and technology industries. This new investment underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to driving India’s growth in these crucial sectors.

Nihansh Bhat, the lead for Corporate Development & Venture Investing at KRAFTON, Inc., elaborated on their carefully curated investment approach. He emphasized that their investment choices are meticulously selected to align with their deep expertise, empowering startups to flourish under their guidance. With a strategic vision, the company is focused on building a dynamic portfolio across various segments within India.

Since March 2021 KRAFTON Invested approximately $14 million.

With a substantial investment of approximately $140 million in 11 pioneering startups since March 2021, KRAFTON has solidified its position as a significant strategic investor in India. Going beyond mere financial backing, the company’s investment approach centers on delivering strategic benefits, tapping into its proficiency within the sectors it engages with. These investments encompass a wide array of domains including Esports, multimedia entertainment, content generation, audio platforms, the creator economy, and cutting-edge technology.

In addition to the widely acclaimed game BGMI, KRAFTON has introduced three more captivating titles in the past year. These new releases—The Callisto Protocol, Road To Valor: Empires, and Defense Derby—have been designed to offer distinct and engaging entertainment to the Indian gaming community. Beyond this, they also play a role in fostering the overall expansion of the gaming industry. With their upcoming investments, KRAFTON is on a mission to reshape India’s gaming scene, opening the doors to fresh opportunities and enriching gaming experiences for players all across the country.

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