Joaquin Phoenix shines as Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott's larger-than-life biopic, delivering an impeccable act that captures the wit and emotional depth of the French emperor.

Vanessa Kirby's nuanced portrayal of Josephine is a standout performance, marking one of the best in her career and adding depth to the on-screen relationship.

The film begins with Napoleon as a gunnery officer in the midst of the French Revolution, depicting his journey from a perceived Corsican brute to a strategic military commander.

Ridley Scott's direction shines in the portrayal of Napoleon's strategic brilliance in battle scenes, offering a visual treat that showcases the excellence of the filmmaker.

The screenplay delves into the volatile and toxic relationship between Napoleon and Josephine, with their love story taking center stage and ultimately turning sad as the emperor leaves due to heir-related issues.

Napoleon's jealousy unfolds when Josephine takes a lover, leading to a dramatic confrontation where he demands her devotion, only to be met with a surprising turnaround from Josephine.

Scenes between Napoleon and Josephine during dinner add intrigue, with memorable moments like Napoleon responding to being called 'fat' with a witty retort about enjoying his meals.

The film offers fine detailing of Napoleon's rise and downfall, portraying historical events with panache and finesse, showcasing Ridley Scott's directorial prowess.

Napoleon's desertion of his troops after discovering Josephine's infidelity becomes a pivotal plot point, showcasing the complexities of his character and the consequences of his actions.

While not flawless, "Napoleon" is a historical epic that deserves a big-screen viewing for its cinematic experience, earning a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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