Blockbuster Reunion: Prabhas as Lord Siva, Nayanthara as Parvathi in Epic Mythological Film!

source: | Sep 24, 2023

A Reunion After 16 Years

Prabhas and Nayanthara, last seen together in "Yogi" 16 years ago, are set to share the screen once again in a highly anticipated project.


Playing Iconic Roles

In the upcoming film "Kannappa," Prabhas is rumored to portray Lord Siva, while Nayanthara is approached to play the divine character of Parvathi Devi.


Manchu Vishnu's Project

Though not officially confirmed, Prabhas's involvement in the film was revealed by Manchu Vishnu, adding to the excitement surrounding this prestigious project.


Prabhas's Massive Stardom

Prabhas's immense popularity and pan-India appeal make his role in the film a major highlight, drawing fans from across the country.


Nayanthara's Divine Roles

With her previous portrayal as Sita Devi in "Sri Rama Rajyam," Nayanthara is well-suited to take on the character of Parvathi Devi.


A Stellar Cast

Joining Prabhas and Nayanthara, actress Madhubala is also part of the cast, promising a powerhouse ensemble in "Kannappa."


Produced by Mohan Babu

The film is being produced by Mohan Babu, adding to the anticipation surrounding this grand mythological venture.


Directed by Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar, renowned for directing the Hindi serial "Mahabharata," is at the helm of this ambitious cinematic project.


A Mythological Epic Awaits

With a stellar cast, experienced director, and iconic roles, "Kannappa" promises to be a cinematic spectacle worth waiting for.


The Reunion of Prabhas and Nayanthara

Fans eagerly anticipate the on-screen reunion of Prabhas and Nayanthara, as they prepare to bring the divine characters of Lord Siva and Parvathi Devi to life in "Kannappa.


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